Living Fit Mommy: Don’t Let the Summer Fun Get You Too Far Off Track!


One of the hardest parts about the summer is staying true to your regimen. There are so many cookouts, so many plans to travel, and so few days to truly enjoy the beach bum lifestyle that you’re hardly willing to waste them by worrying as much about whether you hit the gym or not.

That said, summer bodies might be built in the winter, but boot season and skinny jean love never ends!

Trust me, you don’t want to see all the hard work you put in, leading up to June, July, and August, be negated by a few months of summer indulgence.

So, what’s a mama to do when all she wants to do is have fun?

Here are just a few tips from my personal arsenal of summer lovin’ and livin’.

1. Keep it simple.

The more fun you can schedule for the great outdoors, the better.

The goal of fitness is to move your body. Period. It doesn’t matter how you’re choosing to move it—playing tennis, soccer, basketball, or volleyball—as long as it’s in motion. So, take advantage of all that great sunshine (don’t forget the sunscreen) but do so in an active way.

2. If you’re traveling, plan ahead. 

Hotel gyms are hardly high tech. Most offer a treadmill and a few free weights, if you’re lucky. However, if you’re stuck using one for a few days, don’t be afraid to research some great HIIT and Tabata workouts on your favorite fitness channels. I adore the  channel content offered by FitnessBlender and BeFit—both offer phenomenal workouts that you can not only do on the go, but in a hurry.

3. Skip a Day.

Yes, I said it. Skip your workout.

A six-day regimen works great if you’re training for  competition, but if you’re simply a fit warrior, with a love of staying as healthy as possible, there’s nothing wrong with adding an extra day of unstructured activity to your calendar. I typically take the weekends “off”, but I’m not above adding in a day in the middle of the week when my kids are out on break; on that day we try to go to the park, roller skating, or play a friendly game of backyard soccer.

Skipping a day doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, it just means that you should give yourself the option of doing something else.

4. Be mindful of garbage eating.

So much of the summer bulge is encouraged by the availability of food.

The kids are home, the pantry is stocked, and its easy to get a bit lax in the food department, but try to stick to your plan. Keep good foods within reach and not so good ones far out of reach.

Also, increase your water intake. That summer heat is a mother and, if you’re doing more outdoors, your body will thank you for that extra hydration.


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