Living Fit Mommy: 5 Reasons to Skip the Gym and Stay at Home

Before anyone goes all crazy on me and wonders if I’ve traded my ‘Fit Mommy’ ways for that of a couch potato’s (I haven’t), please keep reading.

I’m a strong advocate for working out at home. As a former gym devotee, nothing irritated me more than getting off work, fitness plan in hand, only to waste more time looking for a park and waiting for various weight/cardio machines, than actually doing said workout. 

It was a gigantic pain in the ass and I don’t miss it…at all. 

So, if you’ve been meaning to start a regimen, but have continued to use the gym’s lack of functionality as an excuse for either not starting or not staying true, I have good news for you, you can stop using those excuses, because you don’t need a membership to get your body on the track to being fit and healthy. 

1. Working out at home is free…for the most part. 

No matter the amount of space—the room I devote nearly 90-minutes of my day to is about 10 x 12—you can craft a regimen that fits. All it takes is some creativity, a solid plan, and a goal. If you can’t afford weights, your own body will do until you can; and if you’re at a loss for where to start your plan, there are plenty of personal trainers who will assist you remotely.

2. You can do it anytime. 

Forget waiting in traffic, or scouring the parking lot for a space, when you have a home gym, you can workout whenever you like. 

3. You’re not bound by time or people.

I hated when people would lord over me while I was doing a set on a particular machine; I figured I was entitled to use as much time as necessary, to do what I needed, as long as I wasn’t messing around, but there was always some individual, constantly checking their watch, or hanging close by, so they could be ready to pounce when I finished. 

At home, I don’t have that issue. I can take my time and I don’t have to worry about someone interrupting a superset with their own routine. 

4. No interruptions of the social nature.

It never failed, even with my headphones in, and my meanest face on display, I would still get hassled for conversation. I don’t know what it is about some people using the gym like a meet and greet, but that was never my bag. 

5. Come as you are. 

You won’t have to worry about someone tapping you on the shoulder about being dressed inappropriately, or embarrassing other patrons with your gear, if you’re in the comfort of your own home. You can throw on whatever works and get moving. 

I have had the best experience with working out at home and, even though I am beginning to research things I can do outside of my 10 x 12 space (hiking, mountain climbing, running stairs at the track, etc.), it’s nice to know that whenever I want to get active, I’m only a few measly steps away from where I need to be to get started. 




One thought on “Living Fit Mommy: 5 Reasons to Skip the Gym and Stay at Home

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