Living Fit Mommy: It’s Been One of Those Weeks

This is how I felt after my last workout of the week. Just one giant pile of “fail”.


That’s my response to this week of workouts—UGH!

Monday and Tuesday started out fair-to middling. Wednesday was non-existent. Thursday was “BEAST MODE”. Today was UGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

See, here’s my problem: I am constantly looking to keep up with myself—physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.—where my workouts are concerned, and I keep track of everything (time spent, calories logged, all of it) so I entered last like a lion…banged out five deliciously intense workouts like a BOSS. So, naturally, I had a lot to live up to when I slipped on those training shoes this week. Unfortunately, my body and mind weren’t in-sync. And even though I was still able to get four-days of workouts in, none of them were up to my lofty standards, and they certainly didn’t match last week’s awesomeness.

Now, luckily, I know the reason for that lack of success: fatigue. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep all week. And, when my body is operating on very little sleep, coupled by a few off-eating days, it’s a tough proposition to get right for a high-intensity strength/cardio session.

The important thing is I’m trying to take each bad week as a learning experience. So, where I would normally beat myself up for not reaching my goals, now I simply look at the situation, find a solution (if possible), and vow to do better. And, since I know the solution is more sleep, I can address the issue head on, without any setbacks.

So, this week sucked. Period.

Hopefully, next week won’t.

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One thought on “Living Fit Mommy: It’s Been One of Those Weeks

  1. […] a couple  of weeks back I attributed that to fatigue, so I re-dedicated myself to getting more sleep at and jumped into last week’s workouts with […]


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