Living Fit Mommy: It’s Time to Change Things Up

Workout got you feeling less than enthusiastic? I know mine does.

So, it’s my kid’s final week off from school. The new school year begins this Friday, and that means my life will enter another dimension of chaos; but it also means my workout schedule should be a bit more focused than it has been over the last few weeks, and after the last three weeks, I need it to be—I seriously haven’t been the same since we came back from the beach—damn you, ocean!

That said, I’ve been looking back  at my training notes—it’s important to keep a record of your workouts if you’re looking to track progression, in my opinion—and I’ve noticed that my intensity has been less consistent from workout to workout. I just haven’t had the same level of energy, drive, or sustained motivation that I had prior to the end of June.

Now, a couple  of weeks back I attributed that to fatigue, so I re-dedicated myself to getting more sleep at and jumped into last week’s workouts with a bit more fervor. It seemed to work but, by Wednesday, I was seeing the same inconsistency and noted that my effort waned more considerably with each session that followed.

Frustrated, yet again, I felt like I was back at square one: bored and unsatisfied with my results. So, now what?

I’ll tell you “what”, after reading a few of my old fitness magazines and meditating a bit more intently on what the true, underlying, problem might be, I knew it was time to change things up again. My regimen and my tunes needed retooling.  So over the weekend I focused on updating my playlist and readjusting my training approach—I’ve added some “21’s”, researched some new HIIT routines, negated supersets for straight sets, and scaled back on the allotted time for each session, just so I can be more focused on intensity—because it’s obvious I’m just plain bored with what I’ve been doing over the last 6-7 months, and I need to do something different.

Every now and then you have to reassess your goals and have a “come to Jesus” talk with yourself , just to make sure you’re body’s not regress due to  a lack of interest.

Hopefully my adjustments will pay dividends, starting with today.


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