Living Fit Mommy: Me, Netflix, and a Whole Lot of Docs

The “Tiny House Movement” is about doing more with less, but it’s a philosophy that doesn’t require we live a sub-200 square foot lifestyle to learn. Photo:

I’ve been on a rabid documentary kick lately. I believe I’ve seen at least five in the last week—and given the lack of time within my schedule for such things, that’s quite a bit—and I’ve enjoyed the messages within each and every one.

From “20 Feet From Stardom” to “Ride the Divide”, I’ve seen some good stuff on Netflix,  and it all started with “TINY The Movie”:

On the surface, the movie doesn’t look like much. It’s a guy, with a trailer, a dream, and a whole lot of determination. He’s never built anything before, but he’s read enough “blogs” and watched enough YouTube to feel confident he’ll be able to get the job done, on his own Tiny house, in less than three months. He, of course, turns out to be wrong, but that’s not the point.

The point of the movie is what do we really need to be happy?

It’s a question I felt sure I knew the answer to…until I saw the movie. After I saw it, I began to question how much of my personal happiness is attached to “things”, and how much is attached to inner peace? The answers I came up with surprised me and made me re-evaluate myself a bit more than I have in a good, long, while.

The interviews  within the movie are enlightening, and the stories—as to why each family/individual decided to go small—really makes you re-evaluate what your values might be. And while I’m not ready to chuck it all and move into something that’s just a touch larger than my laundry room, I can certainly understand the reason behind doing so a lot better.

We are a society that’s consumed with wealth and materialism, yet the more we acquire, the more unhappy we seem to become: the “stuff” we buy collects dust, for the most part, but we’ve placed so much of our personal value on our ability to obtain it, we’ve forget that we don’t need any of that to define who we are.

There are lessons to be learned from the  minimalist lifestyle, even if the lesson only takes place within.

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