Living Fit Mommy: Yet Another Reason NOT to Eat at McDonald’s

Pray-tell…what the hell is this?

McDonald’s New Mascot isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

Listen, I don’t like McDonald’s. Wait, let me clarify, there was a time in life when I did frequent that particular chain—back when their fries were good, their McChicken sandwiches were more than just lettuce and bread with way too much mayonnaise, and the McRib was awesome…basically circa 1990—but it’s gone way downhill, even for fast food, over the last 20-years, and I can’t imagine buying anything from there for myself or my kids.

That said, their latest “mascot” looks like a cartoon character gone horribly awry. As a a matter of fact, I think they were going for animation that mirrors what a kid would see on a show like the “Bubble Guppies” or “Doc McStuffins”, but ended up with something that looks like…well…that thing above. Honestly, they may have been going for “Bot”, from “Team Umizoomi”, which would make sense but, again…the hell happened?

In any event, they’d be better off sticking with Ronald McDonald; or is he  too old school to sell Happy Meals anymore? I thought he was responsible for making the grey skies “go away”? *shrugs*

Seriously, with all the money those Golden Arches have made selling crappy hamburgers and hot cakes (which I will admit, I used to love when I was a kid), you’d think they’d be able to hire a firm that could come up with something better than a red box, with malformed teeth, and creepy eyes.

*scratching my head*


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