Living Fit Mommy: It’s Just Another Magic Monday!

Last week was excellent! Despite the fact that I need some new kicks—I still do, by the way, but I refuse to buy anything without first researching and getting completely comfortable with the money I plan to spend—and that made for a great week for me on a fitness level.

That said, the challenge for me this time is to not allow the progress I made last week to rule over me; sometimes I obsess over numbers so intensely that I end up feeling disappointed if/when I’m unable to repeat my success, and that can discourage my efforts for each successive training session.

It’s important to understand that no matter how dedicated you are, there will be days (or weeks) where your body isn’t going to do what you want it to do. The important thing to remember then is that you’ll still be making progress simply by the act of doing.

Personal bests and gains are phenomenal rewards, but unless your training for competition, your day-to-day life will thwart your best efforts every now and then. Take it all in stride and remember that there is always that next session to try again.

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.

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