Living Fit Mommy: A Chance For Something New

“Plateaus” aren’t a welcome part of anyone’s fitness regimen, but as our bodies evolves and get stronger, it’s  to be expected.

My advice: take it as a compliment to your consistency and hard work because it likely means you’ve become so much healthier, and stronger, that your body needs a new challenge to be forced into hitting new levels.

You can often blast through a plateau by 1) adding more intensity to your workouts (HIIT and Tabata are great tools for that), upping the weight/reps during your strength sessions (don’t be afraid to add more pounds to that dumbbell), or opting for a new type of cardio (have you tried a Zumba or Spin Class on for size?).

Remember: a plateau isn’t a sign that you can’t go any further, it’s a sign that you’ve made progress and now need to tweak things a bit. See it for the truth that it is and then examine your workouts to see where adjustments can be made.

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