Living Fit Mommy: Not Owned. Rented.

I hate when people say, “I wish I could eat however I want and look as skinny as you.”

First of all, I don’t like the term “skinny”. At all. Yes, I might fit that definition in the minds of some, but I’ve worked too hard building these muscles to be labeled a “skinny chick”.

Second, if you believe anyone—living a fit-centered lifestyle—is able to eat without abandon, then you’re nuts. And while there are certainly exceptions to the rule, by and large, people that want to maintain a certain physique have to remain both disciplined and consistent where exercise and eating is concerned.

That said, once you’ve dedicated yourself to living that way, you understand that keeping the body you’ve worked for is as hard as getting it.

It’s a daily, weekly, yearly dedication to your goals, and if you allow yourself the luxury of slacking off for too long, that body will go away.

Fitness isn’t a given, it’s a gift—rewarded to you because of the good choices  you make on a daily basis—but it’s a gift that can certainly  be taken away from you, should you choose not to appreciate it.

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