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Living Fit Mommy: This and That


While I am by no means a connoisseur of that delicious dark/brown/light brown/black liquid, I do enjoy a good cup of Joe on a daily basis. It’s my “pre-workout” beverage of choice and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I enjoy the many cold-flavored variations the green goddess (i.e. Starbucks) offers. And while the latter isn’t with the program of giving away or discounting their black juice addicts, there are others that are choosing to do so on this “holiday”. Click here for more info.

That said, it’s  also another Monday for me to try and get it together. I was in a shitty rut last week, so my mood wasn’t built for doing anything in a sustained way. Even more, my body was in full attack mode and that made every lift and high-knee run a real pain in the ass experience. Even so, I did still manage to get three decent days of activity done, but they were hardly worth talking about, to be honest.

So, today, I am walking into my workout with zero expectations—I just want to be able to get it done without feeling like crap and take it from.

Again…just being honest.

Oh, and it’s Meatless Monday, so why not try a tasty new dish—something animal free, of course—on for size? Can’t think of anything good?Well, guess what,  I got your back there too…

Have a good one!

Living Fit Mommy: The Slow Death of Recess in Public Schools is Alarming

As a kid, I vividly recall having a “recess” time. Even now, my two kids (2nd and 4th graders, respectively), have a daily recess (the 4th grader less now than my 2nd grader) and Physical Education (P.E.) at least twice a week. However, there are many schools where recess is shortened and P.E. is non-existent; in the former’s case, at least one parent is hoping to make a statement by taking her school district to task for such a decision.

A cutback in dedicated recess time for elementary students in the Manatee County School District is causing concern among some parents and motivating one parent to bring a motion before the school board to restore recess time.

Kate Smith, an estate lawyer with two children at Virgil Mills Elementary School, began researching the issue when her third-grade daughter came home from school stressed and upset one day because she did not have recess. Smith also has a son in kindergarten at the school.

“I promised her I’d do something about it,” Smith told the Bradenton Herald. Smith said she plans to bring a motion before the school board during a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday to ask the board to reconsider its approach and reinstate the process.

Smith’s issue is simple: her daughter’s emotional health has been compromised by the change. For those of you who do not have young children, I can tell you that my kids adore Recess. It’s a way for them to decompress from the school day, up to that point, as well as reboot their young minds for any remaining instruction time. If they didn’t have it, they would likely be less focused and more irritable.
Case in point: my 9-year old son has often stated his displeasure for a reduction in his Recess time since moving from the primary school—where his younger sister still attends—to the elementary school. There are days he’s lucky to get 15-minutes, whereas she still receives 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the day. Their moods come dismissal time are markedly different as she’s often ready to tell me everything about her day and he’s less forthcoming.
That said, the state of Florida mandates 150 minutes of activity per week—with P.E. and Recess combined—and no one at the district level feels a need for concern.
Florida State Statute stipulates that each school district must provide 150 minutes of physical education each week for students in kindergarten through grade 5. The Manatee County School District 2014-15 student progression plan states the elementary schools must provide 30 consecutive minutes of physical education daily for students
(FYI: kids should receive 60 minutes of activity daily…that’s 300 minutes in a school week. Should all of those minutes come from the school’s efforts? No, but the statute could use tweaking, in my opinion.) Oh, and did I also mention that Florida ranks in the Top 10 for childhood obesity?
Just saying.

At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see what comes of this, but it’s likely to be a case where nothing is done and that child will be forced to adjust to a new type of school day. It’s a shame but, these days, it seems, when it comes to the overall health and well-being of our youth, the powers that be are more talk than action.
Even so, as a parent, situations like this one just mean you have to be more pro-active about getting your child moving. You simply cannot rely on others to instill those values for you. Times have changed and so must we.

Living Fit Mommy: Starbucks Newest Flavor Is…Beer?

My morning routine is pretty basic—I have two kids (both elementary school aged)—so after I’m done getting the kids up and dressed, we watch the local news, followed by a few minutes of Good Morning America, before scurrying out the door to school.

Well, as always, #GMA had some interesting line items floating across the bottom of the screen, on their little news ticker, and one in particular caught my attention: STARBUCKS TRYING OUT NEW BEER FLAVORED COFFEE

Say what, now?

Look, I love Starbucks. I don’t indulge myself with it as often as I used to—gotta keep that waistline trim and my pockets lint free—but when I do go, the last thing I’m thinking about is beer; just being honest. However, Starbucks seems to feel it’s a transition that makes more sense than most think—at least that’s what some restaurant industry experts are saying.

…one restaurant industry guru has another idea. Starbucks already is selling beer and wine at some of its stores in the evening, notes Sam Oches, editor of QSRmagazine, a restaurant industry trade publication. The new beverage could be a savvy way to “bridge the gap” between morning and evening crowds, he says.

Also, the test comes at a time the craft-beer movement is booming, adds Oches. “Craft beer fans love trying new things and love different flavor pairings.” [emphasis added]

But Starbucks won’t comment on when the special brew might be available at a Starbucks near you. Says Passe, “We’re looking forward to learning more from the test.”

That point about craft brewing is worth noting since Ohio and Florida rank No.’s 12 and 13, respectively in craft breweries and No.’s 4 and 25 in craft beer production (Brewers Association); they also rank No.’s 26 and 19 in Starbucks stores (per capita); whether any of these things actually played a part in the decision of the coffee giant to “test” out this new flavor is anyone’s guess but I can tell you, without question, I won’t be giving it a whirl anytime soon. I mean, call me crazy but I like my coffee to taste like…well…coffee.