Living Fit Mommy: OMG…This. Every Day. Just This.

I saw this card and fell completely in love with it.

I’m not joking, there are days when I’d rather throw the weights out the damned window than pick them up and put my body through the paces of more pain, more sweat, and more more; on those days I truly have to push myself to remember why I even bother.

It’s like, “is this shit really worth it, or can I just skip it and be a size (insert whatever number you please here) for the rest of my life? Some days, whatever that mystical number is seems like a pleasant compromise compared to the regimen I’ll have to maintain just to…well…maintain what I’ve got going now—and I’m not the fittest chick in the world, by any stretch.

Even so, my dedication is less about the number than it is about the belief that I can be better. It is endlessly that belief which keeps me true…even when I really just want to say “fuck it”.

Sometimes, you have to remember to kick your own ass.




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