Living Fit Mommy: Loving The Effort, Hating the Execution

I’ve been very happy with my workouts, of late. I feel like my sustained effort has improved, and I’ve tweaked my approach a bit so that the pain and soreness I used to feel post-workout (typically the morning after and mostly in my feet) is nearly non-existent—that alone has translated into better focus during my training sessions.

Furthermore, a dedicated pre- and post-workout regimen has likely helped a lot as well; do not under-estimate the value of a warm-up and a cool down.  

That said, where I haven’t been getting it done is in the execution of my day, leading up to my workout. I mean, once I’m in that room, and get started, it’s gravy, but I haven’t done a very good job of managing my days well enough, lately, to make that happen in a timely manner—which has often led to my having to either cut my workouts short or, on a couple of occasions,  skip them altogether (a definite no-no).  

This week, my plan is to focus on better time-management. I have a general idea where I need to make some changes, but it’s anybody’s guess, right now, if it’ll end up working. I like to map out at least 90-minutes for each session, and currently I’m averaging about 60-70; and trust me, that extra 20 to 30 minutes makes a wooooorrrrrrrlllllddddd of difference for me. Yesterday, I failed to give myself enough time, but a new day brings a better chance of success. 

Fingers-crossed. . 


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