Living Fit Mommy: Serena WIlliams is Killing it…As Usual

The Arms. The Abs. The Back. The Strength….Serena Williams has it all, and then some!

If you hate Serena Williams—for any reason whatsoever—I don’t care.

That said, you may need to stop reading now because, this right here, is all about love:

Dear Gawd…that body tho!

Listen to me, one of the reasons I am enamored of the female form—at its very best—is because of athletes like Serena Williams. I don’t care what you think of her as a person, a woman, a designer, an athlete, or a future Hall of Famer (because trust, standing at 18 Grand Slams, that title is a given), you cannot deny that she has one of the most beautiful bodies on earth.

I’m still in awe of every muscle showcased in that video—just…Lawd. And, as someone who only mildly glanced at a pair of Beats headphones—before deciding I didn’t wish to workout with something that big on my ears—I can say without question: I have never, ever, wanted a pair of these so bad in my life (here’s a review of the Powerbeats2 Wireless, if you’re interested).

The thirst is so real right now.

Serena…you go girl. You GO!

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