Living Fit Mommy: This and That


While I am by no means a connoisseur of that delicious dark/brown/light brown/black liquid, I do enjoy a good cup of Joe on a daily basis. It’s my “pre-workout” beverage of choice and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I enjoy the many cold-flavored variations the green goddess (i.e. Starbucks) offers. And while the latter isn’t with the program of giving away or discounting their black juice addicts, there are others that are choosing to do so on this “holiday”. Click here for more info.

That said, it’s  also another Monday for me to try and get it together. I was in a shitty rut last week, so my mood wasn’t built for doing anything in a sustained way. Even more, my body was in full attack mode and that made every lift and high-knee run a real pain in the ass experience. Even so, I did still manage to get three decent days of activity done, but they were hardly worth talking about, to be honest.

So, today, I am walking into my workout with zero expectations—I just want to be able to get it done without feeling like crap and take it from.

Again…just being honest.

Oh, and it’s Meatless Monday, so why not try a tasty new dish—something animal free, of course—on for size? Can’t think of anything good?Well, guess what,  I got your back there too…

Have a good one!


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