Living Fit Mommy: Gas Station Health Food?

Tony Horton, of P90x fame, has teamed up with 7-11 to offer healthier fare at your local convenience store.

I have a younger brother who—prior to getting married and becoming a “responsible adult”—used to frequent the gas station, located near his undergraduate university, for lunch and, sometimes, dinner. It wasn’t that he wasn’t health conscious, but after a long day of class and what-not—at his very small university in the middle of nowhere—it was easier to stop and eat from the gas station convenience store than it was to go to the grocery store and figure out how to parlay a bunch of random ingredients into dinner.

My mother and I would often discuss his lack of health consciousness—for the record my mother was much more of a health nut hippie with me than him—and then thank the good Lord he was still young enough to take advantage of an overactive metabolism.  If not for that…well…let’s just say he’d have been in big trouble.

Fast forward a decade later and the fare offered at most gas stations has improved considerably—it’s no longer just hot dogs and cheeseburgers—and it’s set to get even healthier in Southern California…where my now married brother just so happens to reside.

Some 104 stores in the Los Angeles market will begin to sell a line of what the chain calls “nutritionally balanced” fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads — and even cold-pressed juices — under the banner of fitness guru Tony Horton Kitchen.

Horton is the health and fitness executive whose DVD home workout series P90X has sold more than 4 million copies. More recently, he’s delved into better-for-you foods.

For 7-Eleven, it’s not about getting rid of other stuff in order to sell better-for-you items. It’s about offering both. It still will sell beer and cigarettes and Twinkies and hot dogs, but as Millennials and other core customers demand more better-for-you offerings, the chain is eager to expand its lineup of fresh foods and drinks. Health and wellness, after all, is a $50 billion category in the U.S., and growing. (USA Today)

While I’d hardly recommend anyone look to a “7-11” for something wholesome and healthy to eat, if you’re in a pinch, you could certainly do worse. Most fast food chains don’t offer much in the way of healthy foods and, even if they do, it’s often expensive.

That said, the best thing to do, long before you have to consider giving Tony Horton any more of your hard-earned money—as if he needs it—would be to shop for your own food, prepare it at home, and pack a lunch bag before leaving. That way you not only avoid the inconvenience of buying food at a gas station, you eliminate the possibility that what you’re getting may not be as good as it seems.



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