Living Fit Mommy: I Can’t Eat Healthy Because I’m Poor

Christina Briggs wants the government to help her get and stay fit by providing incentives for her and her two kids.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ve likely heard the story of 26-year old Christina Briggs. She made national headlines when she said she could not eat healthy because it’s too expensive. She also stated that she wanted her government to pay her to lose weigh and then give her a monthly stipend to maintain that lifestyle—indefinitely.

‘I need more benefits to eat healthily and exercise. It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight. I’d like to get £1 for every pound I lose, or healthy food vouchers.

‘If the price of healthy food was lowered that would help, too. I need help, but I need it from the government.’

She added that she can’t get a job to gain more money because she’s needed at home to care for her children, especially as her daughter has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and issues with her kidneys.

She explained: ‘There’s no way I could get a job. I don’t feel bad about the taxpayer funding my life and my child’s medical problems, because I don’t treat myself or buy anything excessive. I just get enough money to live on – the taxpayers should help fund my diet.’  (Closer

Listen to me: if this woman really wanted to eat healthy and lose weight, she’d do it. Government assistance be damned, she’d find a way, if for no other reason than to be there for her children.

I’ve tried so hard to look at this woman’s story in an objective manner, but all I come back with is she’s lazy as hell and has zero motivation unless someone is giving her a check. Basically, she’s looking for a way to make more money without having to actually earn it and that is sad as hell.

Is it expensive to eat healthy? Yes! It absolutely is, and that is a disgrace. However, eating “takeaway” every night isn’t cheap either. So, you have to wonder about the priorities of a person who’d rather spend what little money she does get on take out rather than the grocery store.

Even more, while it’s true that a gym membership isn’t cheap, it’s also true that you don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. Personally, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years and I’m in better shape now than I ever was—that said, I understand some people need a push to get their shit together.

Be that as it may: walking is free. Playing with your kids, outside, is free. Running is free. You don’t have to own a treadmill or a set of weights to get on the right track, you only need the will to make your life—and the lives of those around you—better. If Ms. Briggs truly had that, she’d be hard-pressed to find the number of excuses she’s seemingly already found.


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