Living Fit Mommy: Checking In on Being “Untethered”

A couple weeks back I mentioned that I was temporarily ditching my beloved Polar Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) because I was starting to feel like my workouts had become too much about numbers and not enough about fun.

Well, at first, I went through a sort of withdrawal; I didn’t really know what to do with myself, honestly—I’d become so accustomed to using my HRM as a means of tracking progress until going without it felt a lot like going to the grocery store in my underwear—which is to say it felt really, really, really awkward.

That said, after a couple of days I noticed it was nice to not have to go through the process involved with wearing an HRM: wetting the strap, getting it to fit “just so” around my sternum (and under my sports bra), constantly being aware of the incessant beeping it would do if I dropped below my minimum heart rate (yes, I know I can turn that feature off, but my Type A personality would never allow me to do that without freaking out) and, greatest of all, managing any feelings of disappointment if I didn’t reach my goals.

In short, it wasn’t as difficult a transition as I thought it would be and actually turned out to be a good thing.

Yes, it still felt a bit odd not knowing how many calories I burned, or how efficiently my session was going, but once I got over that part, I was able to truly focus on just doing my workouts and using that time to meditate and relieve any lingering stress.

For me, bottom-line: your workouts are about connecting with your body and calming your spirit—much like a meditation—and it was nice to get back to that again.

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