Living Fit Mommy: Missy Elliott Sets The (Weight Loss) Record Straight

Missy Elliott recently dropped 30 pounds by working out, using Insanity, and eating a low-carb, reduced sugar, diet.

When I first heard that former female rap superstar Missy Elliott dropped 70 pounds…since June 2014 (which is roughly 3-months ago), I will admit I was a bit skeptical. That amount of weight loss, in that span of time is not only not recommended, but it’s dangerous. So, it was good to see Elliott come out and set the record straight.

30 pounds in a little over 3-months? That’s absolutely doable—especially if you’re on a low to no carb diet and engaging in an exercise regimen that’s high intensity in nature—which Insanity absolutely is.

That said, the sad part is most news outlets won’t correct the story and there will be a fair number of people who will believe Elliott 1) actually lost that amount of weight or 2) is losing the battle with Graves disease—neither of which makes her story the triumph it actually has become.

As a longtime fan of Elliott, I applaud her efforts to put her health first; she’s clearly doing her best to change her approach to living and it looks good on her. Hopefully her story will inspire someone else to do the same.

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