Living Fit Mommy: Yoga is for Everyone


Faith Hunter own a Washington, D.C. based Yoga Studio. Photo: Drew Xeron

I’m by no means a “Yogi”, but I do feel a personal connection to the practice of yoga.

Over the years it’s been a brilliant source of meditation, an enlightening way to reconnect with my inner thoughts, a way of grounding me as a mother, wife, and friend–during
times when I’ve felt the most stressed–and, on the most basic level, a phenomenal way to maintain/regain my flexibility.

I don’t practice it as much now as I used to because my passion for lifting commands a great deal of focus; but I do try to incorporate the movements, where possible, and have more recently made it a point to devote at least one session a week to its practice.

That said, it was nice to read about Faith Hunter: a woman of color for whom Yoga itself has become more than just a way to remain in tune with her breath:

“It’s really fascinating because I’ve been on this kind of yoga teaching journey for a really long time,” she said. “Not longer than everybody, but definitely longer than a lot. I think it’s been a lot of hard work. The things that have come to me, have not come overnight.”

She also recognizes her journey in an industry not heavily occupied by other women of color, especially Black women, has made her trajectory unique. Knowing this hasn’t stopped Faith from continuing to push forward. And she encourages others to do the same, despite whatever odds they face.

Kudos to Hunter for following her dreams; may her presence in a discipline that rarely sees such reflections, be the catalyst for another to follow their own dreams–whatever they may be.

Photo Credit: Drew Xeron Photography

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