Living Fit Mommy: “Lifting Heavy” is Revolutionizing The Phrase “Girl Power”

Strong is the new “Skinny” in some fitness circles as CrossFit Athletes like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet prove that women can be every bit as strong, fit, and sexy as their male counterparts. Photo: Bodybuilding.Com

You don’t have to sell me on the positive effects of lifting; I’ve been incorporating a structured strength training regimen into my fitness plan for better than two-years now, and I have no complaints about the result.

That said, there is a growing culture of women who believe that to look and feel strong is to break down the walls of what is expected of their bodies and show the world that you can be fit and strong without losing an ounce of feminine mystique.

…”Girl power” takes on a whole new meaning.

“There is so much empowerment in being able to lift and move heavy things – especially if it’s more than your body weight,” says Bikini Fit head coach Tricia Yap. “Putting fears of failure aside, attempting something one might not otherwise dare to do, and then achieving it – it’s a powerful thing that our community of women can apply to other aspects of their lives.” (Rachel Jacqueline, South China Morning Post)

For me, personally, it’s been about building confidence and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’ve always been rather thin, but I didn’t have any strength or muscle definition. Now, I am proud to show off my “guns” in a tank top, and I feel confident that when I pick up a dumbbell or perform a rep on the bench I’m doing something good for my body.

It’s about so much more than just sticking to a plan that works—although the results do help keep you on track–it’s about challenging yourself to do more, and be more, than you ever believed possible; and if the CrossFit Games are any indication, there will continue to be a generation of women out there who are looking to take it to that next level, and beyond, so that any young women/girls that choose to follow in their footsteps know that it can be done.

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One thought on “Living Fit Mommy: “Lifting Heavy” is Revolutionizing The Phrase “Girl Power”

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