Living Fit Mommy: Emily Skye’s Story is Un-Effing-Believable!

 I want you to take a look at the following photo, then compare and contrast. See what jumps out at you:

Emily Skye decided she wanted more muscle in her life but, apparently, women with muscle is not what the fitness industry wants. Photo: Emily Skye

Note the differences in the left (before photoshop) and the right (after photoshop) photos,  and then ask yourself why the so-called “fitness industry” would take issue with a woman who has clearly defined muscles and nice abs?
About 4 years ago while I was still modeling I started exercising and eating healthy, I gained some muscle which I loved as I’d always been skinny with no shape. The only problem was I was getting knocked back for jobs because I was told I wasn’t slim enough and too muscular. I decided that I was going to cut modelling away and focus on what truly makes me happy which is health and fitness. I was asked to attend a casting for photoshoot for a fitness/bikini label which I was excited about as I felt I suited the look they were after and I ended up getting the job! I did the shoot, got given a disc of all the images and I was really happy with how my new fitter, healthier body looked in the photos. A couple of weeks later the images popped up on the company’s website and I was horrified with how they’d transformed my body! My abs were photoshopped out, my muscles were taken out and my arms, legs and tummy were made to look thinner. The girl in those photos was not me. It was some digitally created girl. I couldn’t believe that this fitness brand had done this to my pics when they were after a “fitness model” in the first place. I worked hard for my muscle and for the first time in my life I was actually confident in myself.
Full Disclosure: I don’t take issue with either one of the body types on that photo. As long as you’re living a healthy, active, lifestyle, I don’t give a flip where you land on the scale. That said, as a woman who loves muscle and loves seeing women pick up a barbell and lift their asses off, I’m offended to the gills by any indication that society is still being a gigantic pile of steaming hot fail soup where strong, lean, and built women are concerned. It’s effing disgraceful!
And quite frankly, if you’re a guy who believes muscular women might as well ditch their feminine card, or you’re a woman who feels that muscle on a woman is “gross” or “too much”, then I’m here to tell you, you’re part of the problem and you really need to get over yourselves and your archaic, sexist, misinformed, and broken views of what a woman’s body is “supposed” to look like to be considered “sexy”.
If you’re a woman, and you don’t want your body to look a certain way, it’s your prerogative to mold it as you damn well please; if you’re a man, and you don’t want a woman who looks like “that”, then don’t date her, but keep the negative, small-minded, bullshit to yourself. No one wants to hear it and, speaking personally, I really don’t care!
“Fitness” encompasses more than one form and it’s past time that everyone start recognizing that fact. And, if you can’t recognize it, then please recognize that that’s a “you” problem, not a “them” one.
Now, excuse me while I go kick some iron (aka weights) ass in the weight room.

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