Living Fit Mommy: Would Nutrition Labels Curb Alcohol Consumption?

Last night I sat down to have a glass of wine. That was unusual for me because I tend to save any and all alcohol consumption for the weekend, and even then it’s imbibed moderately. However, with the hubby home for the week—and a gifted bottle of “Black River Red”—I decided to ditch my rule in favor of a relaxing evening with my guy.

That said, my first thoughts as I poured myself a glass was: “hmm, I wonder how many calories are in this?

I will be the first to admit that most people don’t ask themselves that question. Most people drink to have fun, obviously, and when you’re drinking to have fun, you’re not worrying yourself with calorie counts. However, there are those who like to remain certain that whatever alcohol they consume isn’t going to screw up their gains in the gym that week and there is a debate rising (at least in the UK) as to whether or not placing such nutritional content on a label would make a difference in the lives of some of the British citizenry—and there are some who feel it might.

The RSPH’s chief executive, Shirley Cramer, told the BBC: “Quite startling really – 80% of adults have no idea what the calorie count is in anything they’re drinking and if they do think they have an idea they totally underestimate it anyway.

“It could help the nation’s waistlines as well as probably reduce alcohol consumption.”

In a small pub experiment conducted by the society, people who were told the calories content of their drink consumed 400 fewer calories in a session.

In the US, the discussion is still on the table as to whether or not nutritional labeling should be required on all alcohol, as the decision to label, or not, is still left up to the manufacturer.




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