Living Fit Mommy: The ‘Egg vs Egg White Debate’ Rages On

This morning, while perusing the various fitness sites, I stumbled across the following graphic :


By looking at the above facts and figures—concerning which part of the egg you should eat—it’s pretty clear the whole egg (yolk and all) wins the battle hands down; but, what about the cholesterol? Don’t we need to be concerned about that too? Well, would it surprise you to know that that is actually not an issue and never truly was an issue?

Study after study has disproved the notion that cholesterol plays a role in developing heart disease—the Framingham Heart Study being the most well known and longest running. If anything, look to your sugar intake for answers about the health of your heart, as you’re more likely to find the culprit in your soda-laden beverage or morning pastry than you ever will in that little oval.

That said, you can still have too much of a good thing, and moderation is no less necessary here than it would be anywhere else. So, how many eggs is ideal?  The answer: two to three, whole, organic (preferably pasture raised or bought at your local Farmer’s Market: check here for resources available in your area), eggs per day is ideal. That would give you the most nutritional bang for your body’s buck.

Personally, I still prefer an egg white only omelet because I’m not a huge fan of the yolk, but in my case it’s more about preference than nutrition.

In any event, don’t be scared to crack a couple eggs for breakfast each morning. Your heart could certainly do a lot worse and your body will likely thank you for the healthy boost.


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