Living Fit Mommy: Fit For A Cause?

I’ll be the first one to tell you that being fit is its own reward—the way you feel, both mentally and physically, is worth every bead of sweat—but at least one developer is taking the obsession to remain healthy to the next level.

Gene Gurkoff took his desire to raise Parkinson’s Awareness to the next level by creating an app—Charity Miles.

The free, GPS-enabled app tracks the user’s progress, and advertisers pay 25 cents per mile for walking and running and 10 cents per mile for biking. The earnings go to the user’s charity of choice.

The idea was to harness the power of active people who raise money for charities in big events like the AIDS Walk, Susan G. Komen Walk for the cure for cancer, or the ING New York City Marathon, with much more frequency, says Gurkoff.

“The app lets anyone do it, and do it on a daily basis.”

The app is easy to use and fun, too.

If you’re not much into running—like me—the app can still be of great value as it’s not only geared towards marathoners and cycling enthusiast, but to walkers as well—if you’re a hostess, a nurse, or just walking the mall doing a little window shopping, the miles you rack up could benefit someone in need.


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