Living Fit Mommy: The Waist Training Nonsense Must Stop

Both Snooki (left) and Kim Kardashian (right) are cashing in on a weight loss fad that really needs to go away.

If I see one more “celebrity” touting the wonders of “waist training”, I swear…

A few weeks ago it was Kim Kardashian, and this week it’s “Snooki” from the once alarmingly popular “Jersey Shore” Reality Series.

Said “Snooki”…

“Every MOM needs a little extra help sometimes. Thanks @1800Clinchers for helping me out.”

Forgive me, but every time I hear the words “waist training”, in conjunction with working out, I want to throw shit—seriously, just toss stuff against the wall and watch it shatter into a gajillion-effin-pieces.

Reaction angry frustrated mad upset gif

Look, I don’t care that Kim Kardashian wears one—and I really don’t care that Snooki wears one—but it bothers me when people miss the forest for the damn trees. Neither one of those “celebrities” uses a waist trainer as their only method—yet that’s the headline you’ll see when you find stories about their weight loss success; as if all they had to do was strap on a corset-like undergarment and voila!

I mean…

Just no.

Listen to me: You cannot purchase a waist trainer, slip it on for 12-weeks, and lose weight. Well, you caaaaaan, but the weight you’ll lose will likely be due to two things: 1) your vital organs are suffering, in which case you won’t want to eat anything, and 2) even if you could grin through the discomfort, it’s mighty tough to worry about food when you find yourself breathless and uncomfortable for the better portion of the day.

Bottom line: it’s stupid and no woman should be using it as a method for weight loss or shape shifting. And yes, I know women have found success on it, but that argument doesn’t discount the fact that it’s dangerous—period.

If nothing else, stop giving these fake ass celebs so much attention that some entity is willing to cut them a check for hawking bullshit weight loss tools—neither one of those women needs another dime of your money—trust.

You want to lose weight? Eat right and exercise. Sorry, it ain’t sexy, but sometimes the truth is what it is and nothing else.


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