Living Fit Mommy: It’s Going to Take More Than 7-Minutes

I love the “idea” that 7-minutes is all you’ll need to get fit. It makes my soul do cartwheels and sets my heart free!


I mean, it’s a lovely theory: commit yourself to just 7-minutes a day and you can look like a million bucks. However, over here in the real world, where I live,  I hope you understand that 7-minutes alone is not likely to help you reach your overall goal—in fact, even the folks who say 7-minutes is a great way to lose weight will tell you that it isn’t meant to be done for only 7-minutes. The true “7-minute workout” is one round followed by at least 2 to 3 more.

You see—beneath the fine print and bullsh*t—regimens like that are meant to encourage more movement, not less.

And, the truth is, most people are willing to do more, but are so overwhelmed by the whole “getting started” thing, that they often choose the path of least resistance—literally.

That said, if you can sell a person on a routine that’s both doable and quick, they’ll be a lot more likely to try it; and once the body gets used to moving regularly, you’ll gain the confidence to seek out more advanced ways of kicking it into high gear.

Bottom line, 7-minutes isn’t the end, it’s the beginning, but if it gets you moving, that’s really all that matters (the routine below is meant to be done at a high-intensity and should not be attempted without first consulting a physician. For more advanced fitness levels, this could be a great warm-up or post strength training workout).

Infographic: How to do the 7-minute Workout


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