Living Fit Mommy: Resolutions Suck, Try Creating Good Habits and Being Consistent

I’m not much for making “resolutions”, but a fair majority of people are still into making them and you can rest assured there will be plenty of the “I’m gonna lose (insert pounds here) this year!”. Unfortunately, a fair number of that population will give up on their good intentions long before Easter Sunday rolls around.

The thing about resolutions is they are faddish in nature. Everyone makes one on January 1 because it’s a New Year and, supposedly, a new opportunity to start over and do things differently than the year before.

The concept is wonderful, but when you attach something like a “resolution” to it, then you make something that should be about goals into something that everyone can point to as a failure should you decide not to follow through.

It’s way too much pressure to start with and who needs that type of burden? Not me, I can tell you that much…keep your stinkin’ resolutions and stick with personal goals that don’t have an end date.

Where weight loss and good health are concerned, there simply isn’t a time table. A new year might offer a good starting point for recording progress, but in the end consistency is what will get you to your goal the quickest—and that can begin at any point you’re ready to really make a commitment to living fit.


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