Living Fit Mommy: 15 Fitness Goals for 2015

Since I don’t do the whole resolutions thing—a point I’ve made clear multiple times over the last week or so—I’ve decided to make some concrete goals for the New Year!

I consider myself to be further along in my fit journey than some, but I also know I am further behind than others; having said that, the way I figure it, I have plenty left to accomplish, and that’s a good thing.

The goals you’ll see below are not all fit-centric because, to be honest, “fitness” to me is about the total person, not just the physical one you can see with your own two eyes.

In other words, it’s about the whole person. If you can be “fit” in both mind and body, then you are the ultimate winner at life; and, having made that clear, here are my goals for 2015:

1. Remember how blessed I am to be here and healthy.

2. Spend more time with my kids and husband.

3. Get more sleep.

4. Read more.

5. Increase my overall strength.

6. Get leaner.

7. Increase exposure for “Living Fit Mommy” by writing at least 200 blog posts this year.

8. Take a trip to somewhere different.

9. Increase my overall awareness of social issues.

10. Write more.

11. Learn something new.

12. Increase my calf size.

13. Develop a stronger core.

14. Make more time for me.

15. Learn to live in the now more.

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