Living Fit Mommy: Two Birds. One Stone. Fit 24/7.


You want to know the most frustrating excuse I hear from people, in regards to why they don’t exercise more regularly? It’s “but I don’t have timmmmmeeeee for fitness. I am just too busy to get to the gym or complete this 20-minute workout“.

Look, I get it: life is busy, families can be demanding, time is limited, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.

I know. I know. I KNOW!

I know a thing or two about a tight schedule and having little or no time to do anything—I’m working mother and there are days when I do not feel like dragging my butt into a pair of workout shorts. As much as I love my body and cherish my time with the iron, there are days when the couch looks better than the chin-up bar—I get it. Trust me I do.

However, fitness doesn’t always mean slipping on a pair of trainers and getting hot and sweaty as Pharell spins on your iPod. Sometimes, fitness is about getting a few extra moves in wherever, whenever, and however you can.

I call it the “Two Birds. One Stone. Fit 24/7” approach; I know it’s not catchy or original, but its the method behind the message that I need you to pay attention to, alright?

Here Are 6 Great Ways to Multi-task your fitness with your life:

1) Park in the boonies.

This is one you should be very familiar with.

If it’s a pretty day, and the sun is shining bright, park as far from the door  of your destination as possible. Hell, park across the street if you can. The extra steps can only help.

2) Challenge your grocery-carrying prowess…another day.

How many bags are you toting at once? Shoot, how many people are helping you carry them? Unload those suckers yourself and make more than one trip to the trunk—even if you can do it all in one grab. Forget your inner Hulk and make as many trips as possible to the car. Got stairs between you and that load? Even better.

3) Taking a flight?

Pack a carry-on and lug that sucker around with you until the wheels fall off. Forget “checking” your luggage, get a few extra pull and push movements in while you’re on your way vacay.

4) Got kids?

Go outside and play. A good round of kickball, soccer, or tag never hurt a bit.

5) Shop Til’ You Drop.

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the windows are suddenly closed. Plan a day with your bestie or your self and peruse the shops. If you’re feeling super-casual, do your window shopping with a weighted vest. Is it stylish? Hardly, but who cares, sometimes it’s about form, not fashion.

6) Take the stairs.

Self. Explanatory.

The point is, you don’t have to show up in sneakers to get your daily dose of exercise; sometimes you just need to think outside the box and then, when you have time, find a box and jump on it a few times.


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