Living Fit Mommy: I’ve Been Good (And Bad) Lately

I’ve hit a bit of a lull lately. There have been days when I am all-in for my fitness and others when I choose to nap or forgo them instead, and when I get into those modes where I don’t want to pay attention to my diet or my reps, I take a moment to re-evaluate my mental health—I start asking myself if the malaise is about something physical (do I need more sleep?) or emotional (is something bothering me a lot more than I am letting on?).

Sometimes the answers are easy and I find that I am able to get myself back on track, while others it takes a more aggressive approach—one year I incorporated more rest days and shortened my training sessions—but, in this case, I think the issue is more about the addition of a new job (I started a virtual job over the holidays and they kept me on permanently). I still haven’t adjusted to a routine where a part-time job has to be accounted for and that has made for a lot of weeks where I either feel rushed to finish my workout or too bogged down to do them altogether.

Now, in my favor is the fact that I have still managed to fit in at least four days a week (at least 60-75 minutes per session), but my eating regimen has been compromised a lot more than I’d like and I’m a lot more apt to miss meals or snack in between them when I don’t dedicate myself to meal prep.

Bottom line, I have yet to create the balance needed to allow all the things that are important to me to have an equal place (including my blog)—of course, at some point I understand that something will have to give, but for the moment I am still trying to figure out what “that” will ultimately have to be.


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