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Living Fit Mommy: Monday is a Girl’s Best Friend, Right?

I saw this motivational winner on my Facebook feed this morning and I simply had to share it with you all:


I have never tried the “Insanity” workout, nor am I a P90x Devotee, but I can relate to the message: “Never Miss A Monday”.

Weekends are a beautiful thing for me. Most of the time I use them to do nothing but fun stuff with my husband and kids. Sometimes, I use them to have a girl’s day out all by lonesome—perusing the mall or settling in with a good book—but either way I use them to re-energize my body and mind for the week ahead. I take great advantage of those two days of genuine recovery because when Monday comes calling, I want my body ready for the challenge.

That said, “Never Miss A Monday” means you never miss an opportunity to start the week off right. If you get your body in fit mode from Day One, the other days you choose to have that same focus will be a lot easier to handle. Personally, I never feel stronger than I do on a Monday—two days of rest does wonders for my body.

Are Monday’s a pain in the rear sometimes? Yes, most of us still live for the weekend, but change your perspective and you change your life. Make Mondays your best friend—where a good workout is concerned–and start your week off in a positive way.

Now go move something!

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