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Fit Mommy: Give Your Metabolism A Boost!!

You know how people are always saying the older you get, the harder it will be to burn off the calories because of your also aging metabolism?

Well, for those of you still hanging tightly to that as an excuse for why you haven’t put forth your best effort, here’s a little FYI for you—there is something you can do about that broken down metabolism of yours and it’s as easy as buying a pair of gym shoes and trading the remote for a pedometer or a set of dumbbells:

…Exercise is the key to a high-speed metabolism. This includes cardiovascular exercise and resistance training regularly. Cardio will burn calories during the workout and for hours after, while resistance training will build the muscle that eats up calories while you are doing things like lounging on the couch, working in your cubicle, running errands and sleeping. Resistance training creates the ultimate long-lasting metabolic booster. Build the muscle and melting calories will follow. (Team FitRX, “Speed Up Your Metabolism”, fitnessrxmag.com, 7/10/12)

The plain and simple truth of it is, you don’t need a 1000-word article to tell you the only way to burn off the pounds is to get off the sofa and do something—anything! That’s the only way to truly lose the fat and keep it off—so what’s stopping you?

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