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The 2-Day Rule of Fitness

Yes, I pretty much follow this rule.

I exercise almost daily during the week—with a planned mid-week rest day to recuperate from ‘Leg Day’ hell—and use the weekend for family fun; that usually involves some level of activity.

In any event, if I actually were to go more than a day or so without moving, I would start arbitrarily smashing things (or hurling inanimate objects at my hubby, whichever came first) so I couldn’t do it if I tried.

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Fit Mommy: I’m the Best at Being Me

I used to spend a lot of time trying to please people. I wasn’t a “people pleaser” per se, but I certainly tried to cater to the feelings of others by being careful not to offend them with  my personal views and steering clear of any issues that could potentially cause static.

In other words, I always tried not to rock the boat for fear falling out of it altogether. However, with years of being stepped on and overlooked comes the realization that looking out for others doesn’t always mean they’re looking out for you.

It became clear to me that I wasn’t serving myself, or those I felt the need to shield from my self, by holding back the parts that make me who I am—especially since the majority of persons I granted this respect to often still felt the need to say and do whatever they damn well pleased whether it offended me or not.

I stopped being non-confrontational and decided if I don’t agree or like something, I will speak up and say so—respectfully of course—and make sure that people understand not to mistake my silence for weakness.

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