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Living Fit Mommy: Serena WIlliams is Killing it…As Usual

The Arms. The Abs. The Back. The Strength….Serena Williams has it all, and then some!

If you hate Serena Williams—for any reason whatsoever—I don’t care.

That said, you may need to stop reading now because, this right here, is all about love:

Dear Gawd…that body tho!

Listen to me, one of the reasons I am enamored of the female form—at its very best—is because of athletes like Serena Williams. I don’t care what you think of her as a person, a woman, a designer, an athlete, or a future Hall of Famer (because trust, standing at 18 Grand Slams, that title is a given), you cannot deny that she has one of the most beautiful bodies on earth.

I’m still in awe of every muscle showcased in that video—just…Lawd. And, as someone who only mildly glanced at a pair of Beats headphones—before deciding I didn’t wish to workout with something that big on my ears—I can say without question: I have never, ever, wanted a pair of these so bad in my life (here’s a review of the Powerbeats2 Wireless, if you’re interested).

The thirst is so real right now.

Serena…you go girl. You GO!

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Living Fit Mommy: Five Fitness Items I Could Not Live Without!

Wearing a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) revolutionized my training approach.

Okay, since I am not a gym rat—I do all my workouts at home at the moment—I’ve learned to be creative with my space, and only purchase items that are easily stored and multifunctional in use; in essence, you won’t find a treadmill or an elliptical in my house because both take up too big of a footprint and I already know I wouldn’t use either enough to justify their purchase.

That said, there are at least five items that are absolute must-haves for me and these are they:

1. Heart Rate Monitor

I started using one of these a couple years ago and it transformed my approach to working out. It wasn’t until I could actually see the calories and intensity level in front of me, that I could see why the plateau I knew I’d hit wasn’t budging. After that, the sky was the limit. I’ve used one ever since and literally never start a session without one.

2. My iPod

Music is fuel for me. I cannot power through a HIIT, Tabata, strength training, step aerobic routine, etc., without some tunes blasting at ignorant levels. Even on my most challenging day, music gives me the motivation I need to keep going, even when my brain is screaming “no mas. no mas.”.

3. My step

Long before I purchased an actual Step, with risers, I used a set of folding stairs as a means of stepping up my strength workouts and making my dance sessions more intense. The intermittent usage of elevation within my workouts was something I felt was needed to give me that total body workout I felt I needed to have on a daily basis.

4. My Bench

Swiss Balls are nice, and I still utilize mine quite often, but there’s nothing like a weight bench, in my opinion. Mine is adjustable and allows me to hit certain muscles from different angles, and it has the added benefit of allowing me a higher platform to step on and off of during leg workouts.

5. My phone

I know, this one sounds a little inappropriate, but there are so many great fitness apps available these days and I use several of them regularly—Nike Training Club, Tabata Timer, and My Fitness Pal, just to name a few—and love having such conveniences at my fingertips. Not to mention, when it comes to taking vacations, youtube is my best friend where fitness is concerned, there are so many great channels to steal workouts from; it’s a great way to stay focused even when you’re on the go!


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Squat Challenge: Taking it Ass-to-Grass (ATG)

Okay, who else wears shorts like this on what is clearly meant to be her “leg day” in the photo below?

Anyone?…Anyone?…Bue…haha! Had to go there for a moment.

Let me just say the form is more what I’m concentrating on here: she’s nearly ATG on this squat (that’s gym talk for Ass-to-Grass), heels back, shoulders back, weight evenly distributed across the traps, no arch in the back, knees aligned between the second and third toes at the deepest point of the squat, head up, and eyes forward.

Proper form is the most essential part of any squat. That said, training your body to go ATG takes time–not everyone can do it—and isn’t actually necessary for the leg results you’re looking to produce. If you’re an experienced bodybuilder or athlete, it can be a great power and max strength movement but if you don’t have the hip flexibility, core strength, knee health, or lumbar strength to get the job done, you will do more harm than good.

My advice is to start with the parallel squat, using only your bodyweight, with a chair as your guide. You don’t necessarily have to sit in the chair, but utilizing it will give you a good indication as to how far you can comfortably go without breaking form.

As you gain more confidence with the movements, try to go deeper with them—the deeper you go, the more you activate the muscles in the glutes, hamstrings, and core—but remember to keep your form and stop at any point you feel discomfort or pain.

Here’s an example of a parallel squat using a chair:

For those who are already comfortable with the parallel, there are other ways to upgrade your squat game simply by adding other elements (i.e. dumbbells, barbells, or BOSU ball) or utilizing other techniques (prison squats, hack squats, one-legged squats, squat with reach, etc.).

The important thing is to continue to challenge yourself, and your body, by exploring its capabilities beyond the perceived comfort zone.


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