Wait…Did You Really Say Vegan M&M’s?

Vegetarians eat “hot wings” too…sorta.

Listen, I consider myself a plant-based eater (I’ve said before that I won’t label my dietary preference for fear of outraging a PETA sign toting Vegan or Vegetarian), but there are some things that need to be left completely alone—and M&M’s are one of them.

Since removing meat from my diet, I’ve discovered that there are all kinds of non-meat based foods that hope to mimic the ones I left behind—hot wings (minus the chicken), ribs (minus the pork), shrimp (minus the actual…well…shrimp),  and pizza (minus the cheese, floured dough, and actual pepperoni)—but I draw the line at candy made from alternatives that are nothing like the real thing!

An M&M made with a marshmallow center (I hate marshmallows by the way; it’s like eating a puffy cloud of sugar) is not an M&M, and no matter what you trick your taste buds into believing, it never will be…sorry, it is what it is.

So, as much as I can applaud the individual behind the idea for being progressive enough to at least try to create an alternative for those who have completely eliminated dairy and want to be socially-conscious at the same time (or who just want an M&M like substitute), I can’t understand why this should seriously appeal to anyone who has actually ever had an M&M.

That’s just my opinion, though, what say you?

Candy Company Raises Funds to Produce Vegan M&Ms.

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